"A Place for Grace in the City" is the movement at Grace Toronto Church to raise support for the purchase and renovation of our new church building in downtown Toronto.

We desire to see 383 Jarvis Street built into a new home for us and a place of grace, rest and mission in the heart of our city.

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Our vision is to build a movement that would multiply gospel-centered, missional believers in every part of this, and other, great cities. We do this by:

Taking God's Grace to the City

We wish to nurture our congregation and reach out to our community.

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Taking God's Grace Deep

We desire to equip and train our congregation to catalyze city transformtion and deepen our leadership through discipleship.

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Taking God's Grace Wide

We are raising up church leaders and missionaries through our gospel-centered and practical internship and coaching programs.

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A Missional Space for Grace in the City

As well as meeting our weekly service needs, it can become a center for mission-focused music and art outreaches, concerts and events to bring the experience of God’s transforming love to our city.

A Catalyst for Compassion.

Located where rich and poor collide in our city, this is a place to live out the gospel to the spiritually hungry, the physically homeless, the emotionally downtrodden, and the economically broken, of our city.

A Place for learning, renewal and church planting.

383 Jarvis provides the space to fulfill our discipleship and internship training needs. It can also house our Church Planting Centre, training events and conferences of prayer and renewal for our city.



We hope that you'll prayerfully commit to joining us in this campaign!

Through 383 Jarvis Street, we hope to be a blessing to our congregants and to our community. Follow along with our devotional series and listen to our sermons to learn more about our vision before making a commitment or donating.

Let us know how much you are committing to give during the building campaign. This will help us manage the upcoming construction and renovation projects.


    Must be a number greater than 0

    My commitment will be

    Must be a number greater than -1
    Must be a number greater than -1
    Must be a number greater than 0

    (The sum of these commitments should equal your total gift above)

Now that you've made a commitment, here's "How to Give".


There are several ways to give to "A Place for Grace in The City" at Grace Toronto Church. Whether you choose to give an outright gift or a special gift, all gifts are gratefully received.


An outright gift is the most direct way to support the building campaign.

Cash donations can be accepted during our services. Please place your cash gift in a sealed envelope clearly marked "BUILDING FUND" and write your name on the envelope. If you do not use an envelope or clearly mark your name and designation on the envelope, your gift will be considered undesignated and will go towards general donations.
  • We accept cheques in either Canadian dollars or US dollars. Please bring your cheque to a service or send it to us by post.
  • For a Canadian tax receipt, your cheque (CAD or USD) should be payable to "Grace Toronto Church".
  • For a US tax receipt, your cheque must be in USD and payable to "Mission to North America", which is the USD account that Grace Toronto Church uses as part of the PCA.
  • Please write "GRACE TORONTO BUILDING FUND" in the memo line. If the memo line is left blank, your gift will be considered undesignated and will go towards general donations.
Please click HERE to download a form. Please follow these instructions:
  1. Download the paper form and complete all of the details.
  2. Select whether you would like to give a "one-time" gift or recurring monthly or quarterly gift.
  3. If you select "recurring", please choose to give monthly or quarterly and state the date on which you would like the payments to end. If you do not select an end date, we will assume that you intend for your last payment to be debited in December 2017.
  4. Sign the form and attach a void cheque.
  5. Send the completed form and void cheque to the church office by email or post.
As with our usual giving, we are able to accept donations by way of credit card. However, please note that we have to pay an administrative fee for every credit card donation received, which reduces the amount of your donation. Therefore, for this special campaign, please consider donating by way of the other methods in this guide. If, however, you would like to donate by credit card, your donation would be gratefully received and you may donate by following these instructions:
  1. For a Canadian tax receipt, please fill out this online form.
  2. Complete all the fields in the online form.
  3. Select whether you would like to give a "one-time" or "recurring" donation.
  4. Under "Fund Designation", select BUILDING FUND (which is the first option in the drop down menu).
  5. If you select "recurring", state how often you would like to give and how long you would like these payments to continue.

For a US tax receipt, please fill out this online form.


If you are unable to give an outright gift or would like to increase the amount of your outright gift, here are some creative ways that you could do this:

There may be tax advantages to you and benefits to this campaign if you were to donate shares or publicly traded securities (such as bonds, options, shares or mutual fund units) to the church directly, including any securities obtained through employee stock options. Generally speaking, if you sell a security, you will pay tax on 50% of the capital gain. However, if you directly transfer the securities to our church as a gift, you may benefit in the following ways:
  • There is no taxable capital gain on the disposition;
  • It may increase the amount of the overall tax credit available to you; and
  • You can receive a charitable tax receipt for the fair market value of the security, valued at close of business on the same day that the securities are transferred to us.
For illustration purposes only, the table below compares the tax treatment of donating cash proceeds of sold securities or donating securities directly.

Example of tax benefits of donating a special gift of securities, rather than the cash value:
Sell security and give cash Donate security “in kind”
Current value of security $50,000 $50,000
Cost of security (original purchase price) $10,000 $10,000
Capital gains $40,000

($50,000 current value - $10,000 purchase price)


($50,000 current value - $10,000 purchase price)

Tax due on capital gain* $9,200

($40,000 capital gain x 50% taxable gains x 46%)


(no capital gains tax payable on donated shares)

Tax Credit* $23,000

($50,000 x 46%)


($50,000 x 46%)

Tax Receipt Amount $50,000 $50,000
Your net tax savings $13,800

($23,000 tax credit - $9,200 tax on capital gains)


($23,000 gift + $9,200 total tax savings)

Net cost of gift to you $36,200

($50,000 gift - $13,800 total tax savings)


($50,000 gift - $32,200 total tax savings)

* Assume gift is made in Ontario with a federal and provincial combined tax rate of 46%

Before transferring securities to this campaign, it is very important that you do the following:
  1. Speak to your financial advisor.
  2. Contact us by email or letter and provide the following details:
    • Number of shares
    • Name of security/ies
    • Approximate value of donation
    • Expected transfer date
    • Designation: Confirm that the gift is designated to “A Place for Grace in the City” or the Building Fund.
  3. Only after completing steps 1 and 2 should you transfer your securities to “Grace Toronto Church” as the recipient.
Our church will accept RRSPs and RRIFs from donors. Each donor may also leave a bequest to the church or name the church as a beneficiary under their will (e.g., a gift of securities). Please state “Grace Toronto Church, Building Fund” as the beneficiary.
Gifts-in-kind tend to be asset-based (such as artwork or real estate). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept gifts-in-kind (other than securities) as donations. We kindly ask that, if you wish to donate such a gift to the church, that you liquidate the asset and then donate the sale price received to Grace Toronto Church as an outright gift.



Our church is a community of grace, publicly expressing the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to our city, Toronto. God has blessed our church since our first days in 2005, when we started with four people. We now number almost 500 adults every Sunday, with a growing number of skeptics and nominally-churched people attending our services in order to investigate the gospel. For more information visit the Grace Toronto Church website.